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All testimonials shared here have been published with expressed and written permission by the client. To book a session for yourself, use the contact button below to reach out.

From a Client:

If you're searching for an effective and compassionate therapist, Kimberly is the real deal. I started my therapy journey with her back in 2019 near the beginning of an immensely challenging chapter of my life. I was struggling with a lack of self-compassion, which was leading me down a dark path of depression and anxiety. I started to notice the benefits of my work with Kimberly when I started standing up for myself and taking concrete actions to build the life that I realized I totally deserved. I would absolutely recommend her for folks like me who deflect discomfort, anger, or sadness with humor. There were many times that we would laugh, participate in the joke, and then she'd throw a bombshell of a question or observation that dismantled my understanding of the situation we were discussing. This approach allowed me to process and reframe my experiences through a lens that was kinder and gentler towards myself. I still have a long way to go with my self-compassion, but Kimberly gave me tools to address this issue that I've utilized long after I paused therapy.

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