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LPC-Associate Supervision

Supervision is a critically important part of your development as a therapist. Your relationship with your supervisor will shape both the clinical competencies you are growing into and your core identity as a therapist.  


Supervisees must be willing to actively collaborate in the supervision process. This often entails examining your own values, beliefs and motives; completing assignments; expanding your comfort zone; receiving challenging feedback; and possibly pursuing your own therapy. After all, to be most helpful to our clients we need to demonstrate our own willingness to dig in and do the work to ensure that we are modeling good self-care while providing a healthy and supportive environment.  


I am a person-centered existentialist at heart, which means that my work entails meaning-making, identity development, and a great deal of introspection, while respecting the autonomy and unique personhood of all people. The intersections of the various aspects of our identities are often where the most important and difficult work is to be done. I always approach this deep dive from a place of lovingkindness.


Similar to my work with my clients, I believe that you have access to the answers you need. My job is to create that supportive environment for you; to help you trust yourself; and to assist you in becoming the best therapist you can be. 


If you are brand new to the field, we will utilize a cognitive-behavioral approach in the beginning, meaning my role will need to be more educational and directive. As you grow in skill, confidence, and self-awareness, I will expect you to become more assertive and collaborative. 


For those who may already have significant experience, I will expect a greater degree of collaboration and introspection.  Additionally, an attitude of humility and kind curiosity is very important. The more you learn, the more you realize you have yet to learn. I have been a working professional in both university and private practice settings for many years now, and I am still amazed and humbled by what I learn every day from my clients and colleagues.  Openness to that ongoing process is critically important.

Other aspects of my personality and approach include being direct, nerdy, fun, inclusive, transparent, creative, and adventurous.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Existential and Person-Centered Approaches

  • Gifted and Talented & Twice Exceptional Folx

  • Counseling the Counselor

  • Highly Accomplished Professionals & Shame/Imposter Syndrome

  • Utilizing Mindfulness Approaches to Manage Anxiety & Depression

  • Fully Affirmative LBGTQ+ counseling for adolescents, individual adults, and couples

  • Fully Affirmative Assessment and Support Letters for Trans Folx

  • Career Development across the lifespan

  • Private Practice Development


  • Hourly rate for dyadic/triadic supervision: $75

  • Location at discretion of Supervisor: 

    • Physical Office - 11107 Wurzbach Rd., Ste. 403, SA, TX 78230​

    • Virtual Office - Via Telehealth platform

To schedule an interview, please send your resume and any questions you may have to: 

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