About Us

Divergence Counseling, LLC - where weary weirdos and anti-heroes find healing 

At Divergence Counseling, LLC our team of premium fee, private pay therapists provides fully LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, GT, 2E, and Neuro-Divergent affirming counseling for Adolescents, Adults, and Couples. 


We are a group of high-achieving, nerdy, and bold therapists.

Yes, BOLD!  We are not your average counselors. 

Therapy with the Divergence Team is a commitment (to yourself), not a convenience. 

Reading a Book

Are We Your Cuppa Tea?

If you are tired of feeling frustrated and misunderstood,

let us help you discover new ways of meaning-making and new habits of mind.

Perhaps the idea of rewriting your story appeals to you.

Perhaps you're seeking health and balance

after a lifetime of high-achieving perfectionism that has left you feeling burnt-out. 

Maybe you're stuck in a cycle of unhealthy relationships. 

Maybe you survived a tough childhood and are fiercely independent, but you just can't figure out this one damn thing. 

I mean, you're so smart/accomplished/creative/tough/(insert superlative), why can't you figure this out, right?

Sometimes we all need a Samwise to help us through. (LOTR Nerd Reference!).

Click on our pictures below to see which wonderful weirdo works for you!   

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